Millennials, Come and Get US! Bury Us! Bring the change we need! by Rodney Trice

We often take to comparing about the next generation. It is a sign of getting older and irrelevant. But honestly the world is in such a state, I say bury us! Take us out, clear the playing field and bring some new inspiration. We need the millennials probably more than we have needed any previous generation. And I think they are going to do great as long as they do not give in to our world we so badly created. 

Be Encouraged, Like the latest Star Wars installment, THE WAR IS JUST BEGINNING! by Rodney Trice

I just wanted to say BE ENCOURAGED! 

We really are living in a devastating time in our lives. Just like the rebel forces in Star Wars #8, we are in a beaten up place and ready to rethink the entire direction of how we beat this awful rise of this awful empire we live in now. It certainly has reached critical mass and needs dealt with seriously. BUT WE ARE! WE ARE RISING! 

And we WILL WIN in the end!


THE NEW SW MOVIE, and the NEW IDEAS & THINKING that once made America great! by Rodney Trice

I saw the new Star Wars movie. LOVED IT! And it made me think. In terms of this whole Leia's Dead thing Im doing, it gave me a lot of thoughts about how they treated and addressed the force in the new film. I do not think I really give anything away by saying that they gave it new mystery and power but kinda tossed the old ways of thinking about it. 

I do not want to give any more away and so that's all I will say about the film. BUT, when a thing like christianity can and does aggressively align with the likes of the disgusting Roy Moore and grotesque and anti-christian Donald Trump, then there needs to be deep and absolute rethinking of christianity, its place in America long ago and moving forward. We need to reconsider how any religion, traditions and ideologies we cling to going forward. 

We are way past time to rethink what America really is and what christianity is and who and why we align with those that we do. 

We are way past a time to reawaken what made America great back when we were.... Come on, who doest truly know we were great NOT because of some holy horse shit, we were great because of our excitement for forward thinking and new ideas. THAT is what made us great!

Information has been manipulated for a long time. #fakenewsisnotnew by Rodney Trice

Looking back over history we can see "fake news" is nothing new. But in the current campaign against "fake news" we are eliminating any power the media has to help our nation and the world head in better directions. 

We do indeed need to be aware of false information and avoid it, but maybe we are in netter shape than we might think and we DO need to still press forward into better living. Better living with less and with a greater mentality of "WE the people" together rather than the ideas of the 80s, 90s and since of gathering more and more for each of us ourselves. 

There is a better way and WE CAN build it. 

Maybe we need to look back to boldly go forward? by Rodney Trice

I find myself going back again to consider what united us all from such different backgrounds in the past. What are the elements that made us all recognize our diversity and love it? We haver to find that unifying power again if we intend to grow and flourish in years to come as a nation. 

My hope is that we find that momentum again. 

September 11 - SPECIAL EDITION by Rodney Trice

Most of my podcasts are focused on letting go and embracing the changes. 

I was in NYC on that fateful day. I remember it well. This special edition podcast is to veer off of my move along and embrace the new and instead is pressing all of us in America to go back. To honestly remember where we came from and find forward movement back to a better place. 

Jef Daniels and the writers for NEWSROOM said it better than I - The most honest 3 minutes of video anywhere


Focus on Sad Cultural Changes and best ways to embrace the future by Rodney Trice

We all have things we loved from the past, shops, restaurants, movies, actors, music and so much more. Time moves on, actors age, bands break up, stores open and close and trends never stop changing. 

We could be sad about these things for the rest of our lives and become those grumpy old folks who are stuck. But also in these times of massive shifts in even how we get jobs, work and make livings, we CANNOT allow ourselves to become stuck. 

Hopefully going forward, these podcasts might help guide YOU, through my own stumbling walk forward. 

may the bridges I burn light the way. 

New Direction Coming For Leia's Dead Podcasts by Rodney Trice

Though I have been having fun with this whole thing, it is a live experiment that I am putting forward. When you just jump into the deep end you are going to learn to swim one way or another.

Brave? maybe. Stupid? maybe.

BUT none the less, it is the way I decided to tackle this one. 

As that process goes, it will evolve and revise. As it has begun to do already. 

I find myself fatiguing on the Star Wars alignment and want to "force" (pun intended) it less to create a Star Wars themed podcast. INSTEAD I want to create content inspired by Carrie Fisher and the times we are living in. I want to turn my focus towards the changes ahead in the world and how we fight and resist and adapt to a future that is moving forward ferociously and to let go of a past that will never be again. 

I do indeed hope that the evolution of this content does become inspiration and actual steps forward for those if us that see how much the world is changing daily. 

be inspired!


Anakin Skywalker & ALL of Our Good & Bad Decisions by Rodney Trice

In the real world we are rarely awarded all that we need to do what we have chosen to do. We are also rarely given theperfect Yoda-like mentors to guide us. Even Yoda was not remotely close to what Luke Skywalker thought he needed. So we often DO need to work with what we have.

I often think people like #45 in the white house are the way they are BECAUSE like him, they had the perfect everythiNg and never had to actually fight for anything. Never having to develop the skills one does when working under an incompetent asshole. Never developing the ability to see through plots and plans and Intentions. Never developing the skills to actually survive alone. That all does seem to lead very clearly to all the worst of the world’s undisciplined and facist rulers. TO much power too easily makes for a child who cannot handle it later in life. 

Decisions to find ways to improve the life of himself and his mother created a drive that gained Anakin much knowledge and growth. He made good decisions in his younger days to become more and discover things about himself through it all. 

ALL of us are faced with these personal obstacles all the tIme. The age or new era we face right now with globalization and atomization changing the human races work, jobs and well-being across the planet is probably the most intense systemic shift I have ever seen and will probably ever see in my lifetime. 

This current shift is finally being talked about and written about. Much of the writing is opinion and observation and no name or agreed upon a term has been selected yet to give name to the age that we are all well into. 

BUT, this new age and change WILL BE AMAZING for those who care to roll up their sleeves and recognize that there might be more to it than just the loss of American jobs. 

The massive result of Boba Fett the sellout and Citizens United by Rodney Trice


So, In episode 2, Obi Wan finds himself on the planet Kamino that was so deeply hidden that even the incomparable and infallible Jedi library in their protected temple had been altered so it could not be found and the planet didn’t exist. Once he finds the non-existent planet Kamino, he also finds, to his shock, that they had been growing a massive clone army that no one except those secretly engineering the future knew about. Even the Jedi with their spiritual power and ability to see through everything were blind to it. 

In hindsight, there were signs everywhere though that something bigger was being engineered and was happening. 

We have a ton of these social engineering organizations and groups and federal programs in our real world setting us all up already. Of course both the GOP and the DEMs each have their social engineering that accommodates the oligarchies they serve. Citizens United has probably been one of the boldest public display of this recently. That and the Patriot Act.

I believe our educational system is also a powerful tool of social engineering. We have been slowly cutting the financing of public education for decades now because it is well known that people less smart are easier to manipulate and steer.

 Most of us are aware of the mainstream news outlets being social engineering. FOX for the right, MSNBC for the left. Keep the two sides fighting and we can do anything we want with the real goings on in this world. 

I believe the NRA is social engineering. Make us love our guns more than we love our own American children and we will agree to cut Meals on Wheels, Planned Parenthood, Medicaid, Lunch programs for children, Care for our veterans, care for our elderly. Social security FOR GODS SAKE that is not even the governments money, but we go along with all of it to protect ourselves with grow military spending and wars fighting foes that are also engineered and marketed to us very cleverly EVEN THOUGH it was actually us who destabilized regions and allowed these powers to become out of control too often to mention in one podcast.

May the 4th Be With You, Now #JoinTheResistance by Rodney Trice

EXCERPT: For me, in real life, May the 4th is becoming that rebellion marker day with greater meaning this year. A day that needs to be celebrated in a way that represents the resistance and fighting what is happening in the world right now for real. There are a million petitions, marches and community actions you can be a part of.  

Historian, Timothy Snyder has a new book out right now called “On Tyranny”. In an interview a bout the book with, He stated without hesitationthat #45 WILL try to stage a coup and overthrow democracy within the year. He WILL and its our job to fight it. In the interview he discusses What the American people can do to resist #45. And he emphasizes the lessons that history teaches us about the rise of authoritarianism and fascism and how democracies collapse. We must go back and read and study these lessons if we do not currently know them. We cannot let this go further. 

I loved the one trailer for FORCE AWAKENS when Rey says, “this is a rebellion right? Well, I rebel.” and THAT seems fitting for May the 4th. 

We need this to be resistance day for all of us comicon attending, comic book following, sci-fi channel, conspiracy obsessed sci-fi nerd fans who even contain the tiniest hint of wanting to stand and fight regardless if every real physical opportunity in our past left us scraped up and bleeding behind the playground swings. THIS is the one we cannot afford to stand down on.

Rebranding! Sometimes even the Galactic Empire needs a zhoosh! by Rodney Trice

EXCERPT: When I watched JJ Abrams reboot of Star Trek, my inner art director was sporting a chubby almost the entire film. But when watching Episode 7, The Force Awakens, though generally excited, I was feeling that art director nervously critiquing a proximity to the original 3 films that he was almost plagrizing scenes and not rebooting this franchise with the same sophistication as the first new Star Trek. Sorry JJ. ...

... When we are in real transitional times like we are now. Im talking real life now and real transitional times like now. We need to be cautious of simple rebranding tricks.

We are in one of those major human shifts again. And there will be tremendous retooling of terms for people and places that want to look like they're part of the new revolution but aren't actually. Please! do not be fooled by a bit of rebranding. Everything is changing! Do not buy yourself another year at the company or fool yourself into thinking you just need to muscle down a bit harder to get through a temporary soft spot in business. 

Politically speaking, rebranding has been occurring for decades now. Terms like conservative and liberal are now used in ways that most have come to understand definitions that are flat out wrong. Alignments of terms and organizations such as the Republican and fiscally conservative is insanity if you do some research and look up actual statistical government spending over the last half a century. Why do you think the GOP was bringing up Abe Lincoln again after 151 years. Yes, he was president over 150 years ago. If an organization has to go back more than a decade to point out their best qualities, um, you better look a bit closer at that organization. They probably are not what they used to be. ...

you can listen to the whole podcast now.


Keep Striking The Empire Back People of Walmart! by Rodney Trice

EXCERPT: When you find yourself in the state of being tossed out with no safety net as many of us who at one time had brilliant and exciting careers have been and you’re now rethinking life, the absolute shut down of unnecessary spending and tightening the belt will at some point force you, if you are spending significant time in suburban or rural areas, to walk into, yes, its hard to say… a Walmart. Walmart: The Death Star of main street. To enter the death star at a juncture when all our efforts should be fighting against the Evil Empire is disheartening to say the least. But alas, its a reality. 

It frustrates the hell out of me to have to default to this place when it’s one of the worst offenders in The American Empires stranglehold on decent paying jobs and a solid main street full of opportunity for the little guy. But like I said, right now in this state of rethinking life, we need to spend as little as possible and a buck saved on one thing another 10-15 miles in my car. So, for now, Walmart happens to be a temporary assistant to that goal. 

So much of American life sometimes feels like the tractor beams are engineered to pull everyone to the lowest common denominator. Just look how much cheaper it is to buy a combo meal at McDonalds even inside one of theses Death Stars than a healthy meal or juice somewhere else. 

Walmart shoppers are also notorious with their personal style shall I say. Since I do not exactly dress like most people as well, I can’t help but think when I enter one about OMG, it haunts me while I am there. I mean i don’t have the obligatory ass crack showing, skid marks, tits out or half naked blubber shifting around me like a few ADD children, Nor do I wear a t-shirt from the children’s department when Im actually a size with enough X’s to be a really good porno though my fiancé has started telling me I need to go up one size in the t-shits i do wear. ahem.

You can listen to the whole podcast now...

Whats a Creative Rebel To Do? - Dec 27, 2016 by Rodney Trice

The Day Carrie Fisher Died. 

December 27th, 2016. 

EXCERPT: I had finally managed to get a chance to go see the new Star Wars film: Rogue One. I was excited to see it as soon as it came out but 2016 was a rough year for me. A rough year for many of my peers too. I scarcely knew anyone who wasn’t adversely effected by whatever was happening in the world. The ones that had not yet been effected by this new “whatever it was” lived in fear they might be next on the chopping block or from exhaustion hoped for their walking papers and a decent severance package. 

In addition to what seemed like a celebrity rampage by the grim reaper, #45 was elected president of the United States. I refuse to say his name without an expletive, or ever attach the term president to him. EVER. HE is an abomination to anything The United States was supposed to stand for. He IS the ugly face of all the rich opportunists of an unregulated free economy gone wild. The people who voted for him have a terrible wake up call coming. #45 was the rotted cherry pit on top of a dog shit sundae, complete with piss and phlem globber toppings. But I digress. I NEEDED to see this film.

Rogue One was a good distraction from the state of things and I was eager to sit in that dark room, soda and popcorn at hand and drift off into the world I wished I could be swept off into permanently. 

As I stood in the concession line waiting to get that popcorn and soda, the woman in front of me turned, looked me in the face and said, with no prompting on my part, “Carrie Fisher just died!” 

UM….. UM…  UM… “What?”

“Carrie Fisher just died.” She again said. 

I didn’t respond. Instead, as we do now, I pulled out my smart phone and began to type away to see for myself. Oh My God. Oh my God. Oh my God! This can’t be true. But source after source as I scrolled down my screen, one right after the other, confirmed it. ...

You can listen to the entire podcast now.