THE NEW SW MOVIE, and the NEW IDEAS & THINKING that once made America great! / by Rodney Trice

I saw the new Star Wars movie. LOVED IT! And it made me think. In terms of this whole Leia's Dead thing Im doing, it gave me a lot of thoughts about how they treated and addressed the force in the new film. I do not think I really give anything away by saying that they gave it new mystery and power but kinda tossed the old ways of thinking about it. 

I do not want to give any more away and so that's all I will say about the film. BUT, when a thing like christianity can and does aggressively align with the likes of the disgusting Roy Moore and grotesque and anti-christian Donald Trump, then there needs to be deep and absolute rethinking of christianity, its place in America long ago and moving forward. We need to reconsider how any religion, traditions and ideologies we cling to going forward. 

We are way past time to rethink what America really is and what christianity is and who and why we align with those that we do. 

We are way past a time to reawaken what made America great back when we were.... Come on, who doest truly know we were great NOT because of some holy horse shit, we were great because of our excitement for forward thinking and new ideas. THAT is what made us great!