Keep Striking The Empire Back People of Walmart! / by Rodney Trice

EXCERPT: When you find yourself in the state of being tossed out with no safety net as many of us who at one time had brilliant and exciting careers have been and you’re now rethinking life, the absolute shut down of unnecessary spending and tightening the belt will at some point force you, if you are spending significant time in suburban or rural areas, to walk into, yes, its hard to say… a Walmart. Walmart: The Death Star of main street. To enter the death star at a juncture when all our efforts should be fighting against the Evil Empire is disheartening to say the least. But alas, its a reality. 

It frustrates the hell out of me to have to default to this place when it’s one of the worst offenders in The American Empires stranglehold on decent paying jobs and a solid main street full of opportunity for the little guy. But like I said, right now in this state of rethinking life, we need to spend as little as possible and a buck saved on one thing another 10-15 miles in my car. So, for now, Walmart happens to be a temporary assistant to that goal. 

So much of American life sometimes feels like the tractor beams are engineered to pull everyone to the lowest common denominator. Just look how much cheaper it is to buy a combo meal at McDonalds even inside one of theses Death Stars than a healthy meal or juice somewhere else. 

Walmart shoppers are also notorious with their personal style shall I say. Since I do not exactly dress like most people as well, I can’t help but think when I enter one about OMG, it haunts me while I am there. I mean i don’t have the obligatory ass crack showing, skid marks, tits out or half naked blubber shifting around me like a few ADD children, Nor do I wear a t-shirt from the children’s department when Im actually a size with enough X’s to be a really good porno though my fiancé has started telling me I need to go up one size in the t-shits i do wear. ahem.

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