The massive result of Boba Fett the sellout and Citizens United / by Rodney Trice


So, In episode 2, Obi Wan finds himself on the planet Kamino that was so deeply hidden that even the incomparable and infallible Jedi library in their protected temple had been altered so it could not be found and the planet didn’t exist. Once he finds the non-existent planet Kamino, he also finds, to his shock, that they had been growing a massive clone army that no one except those secretly engineering the future knew about. Even the Jedi with their spiritual power and ability to see through everything were blind to it. 

In hindsight, there were signs everywhere though that something bigger was being engineered and was happening. 

We have a ton of these social engineering organizations and groups and federal programs in our real world setting us all up already. Of course both the GOP and the DEMs each have their social engineering that accommodates the oligarchies they serve. Citizens United has probably been one of the boldest public display of this recently. That and the Patriot Act.

I believe our educational system is also a powerful tool of social engineering. We have been slowly cutting the financing of public education for decades now because it is well known that people less smart are easier to manipulate and steer.

 Most of us are aware of the mainstream news outlets being social engineering. FOX for the right, MSNBC for the left. Keep the two sides fighting and we can do anything we want with the real goings on in this world. 

I believe the NRA is social engineering. Make us love our guns more than we love our own American children and we will agree to cut Meals on Wheels, Planned Parenthood, Medicaid, Lunch programs for children, Care for our veterans, care for our elderly. Social security FOR GODS SAKE that is not even the governments money, but we go along with all of it to protect ourselves with grow military spending and wars fighting foes that are also engineered and marketed to us very cleverly EVEN THOUGH it was actually us who destabilized regions and allowed these powers to become out of control too often to mention in one podcast.