Anakin Skywalker & ALL of Our Good & Bad Decisions / by Rodney Trice

In the real world we are rarely awarded all that we need to do what we have chosen to do. We are also rarely given theperfect Yoda-like mentors to guide us. Even Yoda was not remotely close to what Luke Skywalker thought he needed. So we often DO need to work with what we have.

I often think people like #45 in the white house are the way they are BECAUSE like him, they had the perfect everythiNg and never had to actually fight for anything. Never having to develop the skills one does when working under an incompetent asshole. Never developing the ability to see through plots and plans and Intentions. Never developing the skills to actually survive alone. That all does seem to lead very clearly to all the worst of the world’s undisciplined and facist rulers. TO much power too easily makes for a child who cannot handle it later in life. 

Decisions to find ways to improve the life of himself and his mother created a drive that gained Anakin much knowledge and growth. He made good decisions in his younger days to become more and discover things about himself through it all. 

ALL of us are faced with these personal obstacles all the tIme. The age or new era we face right now with globalization and atomization changing the human races work, jobs and well-being across the planet is probably the most intense systemic shift I have ever seen and will probably ever see in my lifetime. 

This current shift is finally being talked about and written about. Much of the writing is opinion and observation and no name or agreed upon a term has been selected yet to give name to the age that we are all well into. 

BUT, this new age and change WILL BE AMAZING for those who care to roll up their sleeves and recognize that there might be more to it than just the loss of American jobs.