May the 4th Be With You, Now #JoinTheResistance / by Rodney Trice

EXCERPT: For me, in real life, May the 4th is becoming that rebellion marker day with greater meaning this year. A day that needs to be celebrated in a way that represents the resistance and fighting what is happening in the world right now for real. There are a million petitions, marches and community actions you can be a part of.  

Historian, Timothy Snyder has a new book out right now called “On Tyranny”. In an interview a bout the book with, He stated without hesitationthat #45 WILL try to stage a coup and overthrow democracy within the year. He WILL and its our job to fight it. In the interview he discusses What the American people can do to resist #45. And he emphasizes the lessons that history teaches us about the rise of authoritarianism and fascism and how democracies collapse. We must go back and read and study these lessons if we do not currently know them. We cannot let this go further. 

I loved the one trailer for FORCE AWAKENS when Rey says, “this is a rebellion right? Well, I rebel.” and THAT seems fitting for May the 4th. 

We need this to be resistance day for all of us comicon attending, comic book following, sci-fi channel, conspiracy obsessed sci-fi nerd fans who even contain the tiniest hint of wanting to stand and fight regardless if every real physical opportunity in our past left us scraped up and bleeding behind the playground swings. THIS is the one we cannot afford to stand down on.