New Direction Coming For Leia's Dead Podcasts / by Rodney Trice

Though I have been having fun with this whole thing, it is a live experiment that I am putting forward. When you just jump into the deep end you are going to learn to swim one way or another.

Brave? maybe. Stupid? maybe.

BUT none the less, it is the way I decided to tackle this one. 

As that process goes, it will evolve and revise. As it has begun to do already. 

I find myself fatiguing on the Star Wars alignment and want to "force" (pun intended) it less to create a Star Wars themed podcast. INSTEAD I want to create content inspired by Carrie Fisher and the times we are living in. I want to turn my focus towards the changes ahead in the world and how we fight and resist and adapt to a future that is moving forward ferociously and to let go of a past that will never be again. 

I do indeed hope that the evolution of this content does become inspiration and actual steps forward for those if us that see how much the world is changing daily. 

be inspired!